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Paolo Lucchetta is a recognised designer, beginning his career as artisan and becoming an artist.

Precursor of “carved design” has performed in a new way the classic style made in Italy.

His furniture is the product of a design concept that is both new and traditional: traditional, because it has made the artist the center of invention, new because its style is strongly innovative, even if measured against modern criteria.

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“Observation is the heart of my work. The reality that surrounds us contains every item I need. It is rich in shapes, colors and contrasts. All I have to do is look at things from a different point of view. The image of an object, of a piece of furniture, then pops into my mind suddenly and in perfectly finished, almost photographic form. When inspiration hits something that can happen at any time during the day, I lock myself in my workroom and immediately begin developing the idea I have in mind “. His apprenticeship in woodworking began very early. At the age of 14 he was accepted into a very small workshop, whom produced a very limited select line of carefully executed furniture of great artistic value. It was designed for a restricted clientele. Everything was produced exclusively by hand, keeping alive the difficult wood-working techniques from traditional production.

This real workshop/school enabled him to experience one of the most fortunate and fateful encounters in his life because it allowed him to develop the concrete manual skill of manipulating the material to shape into the original ideal. Style is a language, the design of his furniture seems to be based on a very broad formal vocabulary which draws upon a number of periods and cultures, yet whose uniqueness is immediately recognizable.

“I think that the need to pigeon-hole creative expressions by giving them a name or label is too simplistic and limiting. My furniture is the result of a set of incentive that are repeated in a consistent manner. The shapes are elaborate and detailed. The colors draw upon a bountiful chromatic wardrobe which is further highlighted by flashes of gold and silver. And, above all, my style is defined by a tradition and passion for the art of wood carving, which is still performed entirely by hand, just like it used to be many years ago”.

A furniture piece, as any object, is generally created through a joint effort that pits two quite dissimilar professionals against each other: the designer who conceived the piece on paper, and the artisan or executor, who must bring the piece to life in 3-dimensional form. What is thus created is a mutually dependent relationship that can give rise to forms of exceptionally high artistic value. 

Openness in partnerships with other designers to realizations of special furniture collection , or decorate private residence worldwide. In the year 2008 at “ Triennale di Milano” he took part at temporary exhibition “Prime cup 01” that setting out the results of the collaboration between young designers and companies in the new “Triennale Design Museum”. In his career he has taken part in several furniture fairs like Dubai, Milano, Shanghai, High Point, Colonia, Kiev, Moscow, New Dehli. His work and face appear in many publication worldwide such as AD, Saloon, etc.

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